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which will guide us in the way of righteousness; Christ is the staircase and the vehicle, like the throne of mercy over the Ark of the Covenant, and the mystery hidden from the ages. The key to unlocking this flood of grace - of divine assistance, is prayer. 9 days of prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to transform our lives, in preparation for the Feast of Pentecost. Only he understood this who said: My soul chose hanging and my bones death. We are not a parish Church: we are an Oratory, a house of prayer… First, grant us the gift of understanding, by which your precepts (St Lutgarde). Holy Spirit Church 608 Farragut Street Millvale PA 15209 412-821-4424 St. Aloysius Church 3616 Mt Troy Road Reserve Twn PA 15212 412-821-2351 You will discover that in prayer God communicates to you the light, strength and grace you need…" (Sr Lucia dos Santos), FATHER GOBBI’S 1000 HAIL MARY ‘SUPER ROSARY’, 1st JANUARY, GOSPEL READING (LUKE 2:16-21), THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD, GOSPEL READING (LUKE 2:1-14), Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Graces Before/After Meals, Practical Spiritual Advice for Daily Living, Prayers addressed to God the Father through Christ, Prayers for Family Problems and Modern Day Problems, Prayers for Holy Communion and Confession, Prayers for Priests, Vocations and Religious Orders, Prayers for Work, Employment and Business, Prayers to Bless and Protect Your Family and Home, Prayers to Say "Thank You" for Graces Received, Protection Prayers for Driving, Cars and Travel, The salvation history of all men as revealed in the Bible, What does Heaven look like? Sections of this page. Prayer is the mother and origin of every upward striving of the soul." About St. Bonaventure Catholic Community. Offer to share the Holy Spirit’s gifts of time, talent and treasure Worship through prayer, Mass and the Sacraments In carrying out this mission, we will demonstrate the love that we have for God, by the community we create with each other and our response to the needs of our neighbor. Join us for nine days of prayer and invite the Holy Spirit to bear His fruits in you and transform the way you live. This is a sacred mystical experience. His feast day in the Roman calendar falls on July 15. the enemies of our sanctification and salvation. Amen! St. Bonaventure was born in Italy in 1221. Dear Lord, we thank You for giving us Your servant, St. Bonaventure, as an example of holiness. It appears in the Roman Office of Readings for the Feast (liturgical memorial) of St. Bonaventure on July 15. Choosing to serve those individuals who were rejected and sick you risked illness for yourself. the gift of UNDERSTANDING, It’s the best! Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. For this passover to be perfect, we must suspend all the operations of the mind and we must transform the peak of our affections, directing them to God alone. He is also a Doctor of the Church! 7,1 2.4.6: Opera Omnia, 5, 312-313). First, … Banner/featured image Benediction of God the Father by Luca Cambiaso. Prayer of St. Bonaventure to the Holy Spirit. Biography by Dr. Italy, 320 Decker Dr., Suite 100 St. Bonaventure Church 2001 Mt. ST BONAVENTURE’S PRAYER FOR THE SEVEN GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 14 Feb. O Lord Jesus, through You I humbly beg the merciful Father to send the Holy Spirit of grace, that He may bestow upon us His sevenfold gifts. Mystical Prayer in the Holy Spirit – Bonaventure, Mystery of Christ in the Church - John Eudes, Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life Video Trailer, Epiphany – Star Invites all Nations to Find Christ – Leo the Great, Baptism of the Lord and the Sacrament of Confirmation, Jesus, John the Baptist & the River Jordan – Podcast, Advent: The Season of the Wild-Haired, Crazy Man, 3 Crazy Ways Christianity & Islam Are Totally Different. Then such a man will make with Christ a pasch, that is, a passing-over. Through his teaching, writing, and Dear St. Bonaventure Cardinal, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, you chose a life that embraced mortification and great humiliation. St. Bonaventure tells us, "This divine aid is available for all who seek it with a truly humble and devout heart, that is by sighing for it in this vale of tears by fervent prayer. And we can rejoice with David, saying: My flesh and my heart fail me, but God is the strength of my heart and my heritage for ever.

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