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Join the community today (totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right) and join in the conversation. 9 - Brutal Submission; 10 - Freedom's Test; 11 - Proximity; 12 - Downfall; 13 - Triple Threat; 14 - Chemical KO; 15 - Villain Unleashed; 16 - Fresh Recruits; 17 - Extermination; 18 - Game Over; S2 - … 4. 1. Since the MotherDemon is now present in BD21 (appears in at end of Ultimate Doom Episode "Thy Flesh Consumed", and presumably for BD64 support), why not use her here instead? Ending scene uses D_BUNNY, dunno if this is intentional, or a result of loading with Doom Metal Vol. Quite a wild ride overall, that said, you might consider replacing a few of the Q / Q2 / Q3A music tracks with some of the ones from DoomMetalVol5, as some of those songs are rather good. Only registered members can share their thoughts. 5. The Weaver Option is a Worm/Warhammer 40,000 crossover fic by Antony444. Looked all over, never found them. Area where reactor core access is / behind blue key door appears to be intended to have shiny floors like EDAY03 / EDAY09's opening area, unfortunately it seems to be broken resulting in a (very) slightly performance killing lowlevel "hall of mirrors" / afterimage effect. Green Armor Alcove at beginning is a slot and not an alcove. here is my modified version of extermination day where i modified "nextmap" in 13rd map so instead of looping back into this level it moves us from eday13 (Dead Cargo) to eday14 (next map) but remember that its just loop fix, it doesnt fix music. The new Edaymusic.wad has less files, all named for the Doom 2 music filenames, and the tracks are new. 1. 2. This is unlike The air base and Downtown assault where using tanks is optional since enough ammo is given to you. This room is still pretty cheap. We don't even know which files are supposed to be at what place. Push (Counter-offensive). This is a pre-beta version, which I am using to test the new maps and how the new dialogue sequences will be introduced. Edit: Fixed other maps too and made ending at wolfenstein (the last "normal" level will get you into secret ones and broken secret is fixed so it dont loop), Ah but did you change the loop for the other two maps? 8. Then just upload your version as well if you think its better, ssin174. Discuss the topic "Extermination Day Beta 001 Download" in the Bug Reporting (Extermination Day) Brutal Doom General. When looking at the mapinfo file in the EdayPreBetaX.pk3, it references the EDMU## filenames which are only present in the older music file (e.g. The map repeating bug is an error in the mapinfo file. 1. His tears are for the father taken from him four decades before in a deadly shoot-out. Also, boss here is another Annihilator. 2. Join the community today (totally free - or sign in with your social account on the right) and join in the conversation. Now that I see that one of the most important things, the music is not working, (only if you accidentally start the Doom2 campaign from the menu and the hit the actual eday campagn) I should probably just wait until it hits gold state. 6. Console complains about lines 935 and 940 with Type 62:Plat_DownWaitUpStay, Arg 5 is 3 (should be 0). Agree with Nefaz below, fall damage in Yellow Skull Key building should probably be dealt with somehow, especially incase the player decides to return here for left over ammo or something. Mauthausen was a Nazi concentration camp on a hill above the market town of Mauthausen (roughly 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Linz), Upper Austria.It was the main camp of a group with nearly 100 further subcamps located throughout Austria and southern Germany. 2. Does Extermination Day have the levels from the Hell on Earth Starter Pack in them? So guess just using edaymusicdec09.wad is fine for testing until Mark fixed it himself. You might want to deal with the height of the ending arena access, as it causes unnecessary falling damage...infact, maybe you should move the rocket launcher, rockets and megasphere to the arena floor here too... 8. Hopefully my overly verbose buglist isn't too annoying and will prove helpful. well i dont know how to edit maps pretty much so i cant remove it. Only got 134 / 139 kills. 1. I have a question though. Thanks in advance! Bathroom area where blue armor is hidden seems impossible to get out of. Another elbow lightpole outside and further down the ramparts also appears to be oriented in the wrong direction. 1. The dialog with HQ make sense for overhearing them, but everything after that should probably be triggered when you get close to him... 1. 100 Girls 03 Dec 2004 Arcana [M][W].jpg; 1001 Arabian Nights-The Adventures of Sinbad No01 May 2008 Zenescope, Fantastic Realm Limited Edition [M][W].jpg Meanwhile, Rong Xia is a man of outstanding looks and talent, searching for the mystery behind his family's extermination and the truth of his birth identity. Was this intended? This death is even more cruel than dying to a straight hit by a rocket. I guess this is what I find when I get stuck long enough at a certain section. The end of Bad Cargo restarts the level instead of loading the next map. 4. Inconsistent stairs on Dis, simple stuff. map EDAY13 lookup "Dead Cargo"{//titlepatch "CWILV11"next = "EDAY13"secretnext = "EDAY14"sky1 = "DESERT1"//cluster = 4//par = 150ExitPic = "INTER2"music = EDMU12Intermusic = EDAYINTFALLINGDAMAGEMONSTERFALLINGDAMAGE}. Old Wolfenstein Secret exit still counts as a secret, but with no normal way to access it, you can never get credit for it. 2. The mapinfo in Extermination Day doesn't refer to those filenames at all. So it really appears that it contains the wrong files, not mixed up ones or with them renamed. The proper beta begins on the middle of HoM's inside the windows of the two upper level side rooms near the berserk pack and well. (the one with the pool table and Hitler's Buzzsaw). (also says DOPUNK4 is used 434 more times.). Armor is a bit sparse. while you were at it Kappa. (I guess it was meant for one of the top level cyberdemons, but I killed those guys first with the tanks before trying to scale the wall.). Console complains about missing texture "COMPPAN3". Just minor issue, could be fixed very easily. The level looping bug that randir14 found happens on Bad Cargo, Red Light District, and Peak of the Gods. Dont make me Noclip into more places! Marine Captain's dialog seems...a little odd? Berserk pack area near the start has a crate trap where the player can fall into it and can't get out. 5 or not. (Map 12 onward) ive found all other weapons when playing through those maps. 1. 2. 2. I was only able to get through it using flamethrower to clear one side. However, the older edaymusicdec09.wad contains filenames EDMU01, EDMU02, EDMU03, etc. ;-), 2. I have just finished extermination day (EdayTest001) with rc9 on black metal playing all levels normally without pistol starting (except for the last one due to map 31 being stuck in an endless loop) and here is some feedback (without repeating what was already said). Maybe I'm just dumb, but it took me a while to find the way over the first roadblock. The level itself is still one of the hardest (if not the hardest) in the entire map pack. I don't know whether this boss will be changed or replaced entirely but in it's current state I was only able to beat it by getting close to it to the hills so that I can shoot it but it cannot shoot at me. 6. If playing the Starter Pack would be redundant I'll just stick to Extermination Day. He is the elder adoptive brother of Kendra Mason. Got 100% kills and secrets, but only got 85% items. There still appear to be some mapinfo next level errors. It can also be combined with its official, optional starter pack (known as Extermination Day), a set of new levels for Doom II specifically designed to … 2. I have just finished Dead Cargo twice and got on the third loop before stopping. 5. Inappropriate rock textures in falling lava stream near lava channel rocket launcher secret. Hangar doors that open after getting the red key seem to have some improperly textured edges or something as you can sorta see through them. Console complains about missing texture "COMP009", Linedefs 1896, 2076. Bathroom and film projector area vents can be broken, but doesn't show that you actually have. I dont want to step on Sergent Mark's feet. The issue with the music file appears to be that it contains the wrong files. Like placing an item on the hood of every truck instead of just the first one, since the player is going to land on each one anyway. Brutal Doom has been in active development since 2010. Some texture inconsistencies in the pillars of the arena blood pool building. k yeah just posted in the RC8 thread accidently about a few of the errors some have mentioned here. Maryland Deathfest (often abbreviated to MDF) is an American extreme music festival held in or near Baltimore, Maryland during Memorial Day weekend each year. Exiting to Blood Swamp feels a little jarring, the transition from At Hell's Gate (which appears to have been removed) meshed better. So come on! No key is required to open the red key bars blocking access to the two long houses (condos?). Console complains unknown type 21011 at 5696, -4448. Instead they embrace all of its harsh lessons, believing that through mastery of death they can become more in tune with the world itself. I asked on the other eday thread but it's a fair enough a question, is there a bfg in any of the earth maps? I'm sure mark doesn't mind. The music wad does not work for me. 34440 VINE ST WILLOWICK, OH 44095-5114 +1 (855) 210-1412. Console complains about line 2412 not having a first side and the right edge is unconnected. 1. You might want to add some quake style messages for the dead tree and the dresser / switch chain that unlocks the shotvolver as hints for people. Ive modified my copy of edaybeta so that the music works (Works both with v21 RC8 and Project Brutality 3.0 Beta - but that has other problems.....) and there is no level looping. Powell's is an independent bookstore based in Portland, Oregon. Console complains about Unknown script 56 when IoS rises up, I assume this was to change the music to finalbat. Thanks for sharing. 2. The tracks for Eday are supposed to be named EDMU, according to the Eday Dec 9 music wad file. Recommended Mods: Music - Touhou-style music for GC and GCV Xeotroid's Music packs! Amazing! Brutal Doom won the first ever Cacoward in 2011 for Best Gameplay Mod and a MOTY award for creativity by Mod DB in 2012.. Maybe at least add as much ammo as there were in the starter pack and some guns. Backside of the Dungeon torture room chair can trap the player with no way of getting out. We use cookies to enable you to log in, set your site preferences, analyse site traffic, personalise content and provide relevant advertising.Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. @ eviltechnoYou cannot compare them anyway as it is completely different. Only got 183 / 185 kills. Console complains about missing textures (DOPUNK4, COMPUTE1, ADEL_F36, CR64SLGB), Linedefs 10, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 268, 269, 270, 352, 945, 947, 950, 952, 1141, 1142, 4448, 7318, 7319. You may want to accent the lava flow near the large boulder going left near the beginning, as you can get on top of the rock formation that it is part of by taking the lava channel teleporter and jumping from formation to formation. Even then it keps spawning enemies so this is not completely cheating - you only avoid its attacks not the monsters it spawns. The mapinfo in Extermination Day doesn't refer to those filenames at all. Oftimes can't be bothered to go all through mars maps to get back to earth but as I say. I didn't immediately get the hint that I was supposed to jump from truck to truck. 7. 2. by the way just use "@" and hit enter to confirm when you type it otherwise it will be typing name still. ), map EDAY31 lookup "Peak of the Gods" (both next and secretnext should be EDAY32 as at the moment they are EDAY31 causing a neverending loop of this level), map EDAY41 lookup "Red Light District" (next should be EDAY42 rather than EDAY41 which causes a loop of this level unless a secret exit is found). I guess he just didn't have time to fix it himself yet. 1. (Or, alternatively, by climbing the rock formation with the stalagmites and trees near the beginning skullpile...Damn, thats a cool secret =D). 9. Console complains lines 7506, 7650 have no first side. Same with the red key door inside that has the yellow key in it. Peak of the gods.

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