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As these old tube electronics often have near-impossible to replace transformers, this is really another risk you shouldn’t take. A while ago, i recapped 2 CD32, 1 A600, 2 A1200s for exactly the same reason. And if you’re unlucky, the electrolyte already went under ICs, creates shorts, etched away PCB traces and – even harder to find – through holes. I’ve ran 500s and 1200s (and the 600 is in many ways the same build as the 1200) for god knows how many years, and not once, ever, did I experience or hear about a cap problem on any of them or their PSUs. Older Amigas use the older through-hole capacitors, which by contrast are a more mature technology, and onthe rare occasion when they do leak, they leak through the pressure relief safety cap on the top of the part, far away from the delicate PCB traces. :-(. There is compassion, love, science, understanding, but people spend most of their life - if not all of it - in greedy bellicose hunger, hating, believing in ghosts (holy or otherwise), and missing the - equally valid - other guy's perspective. A capacitor is a passive two-terminal electronic component that stores electrical energy in an electric field. I’ve had these come to me with failed floppy drives due to the capacitors leaking and damaging the PCB and have managed to repair the drive rather than replacing it, and the CDTV remote control has a SMT capacitor in it too that can leak. Fujicon. With the ugly green sheathing, I'd say they were either Teapo, G-Luxon or SamXon capacitors, but I see a hint of a name that's neither, so it's probably some other wofat garbo. My 34 year old A1000 and the A2000 run great without issue. If your soldering skills (or tools) are basic or mediocre, I would not recommend re-working boards like these. No ripple on dc rail. –linear supplies The following brands are associated with the recent (1998-200x) incorrect electrolyte formulation problem (a.k.a. They don’t look like the typical off-brand types though (violet color, not black or green.) Just because later cheaply made electrolytics are a plague to electronics, it doesn’t mean the stuff from the 70s and 80s are problematic and unreliable. lelisme inter-linguae', Larreu derrota els espanyols al Río de la Plata, Astilleros Carabela - Nick Kenyeres - Mike Dacosta. It basically happened, when a company stole the chemical formula for the electrolyte; only that they missed a key ingredient. Since I wrote this post, I have noticed what seems to be evidence of capacitors beginning to fail in my Sony PVM RGB display. Fou el Compromís de Casp i els vots o les Bombardes? I would like to continue on as I have always done, using these systems as-is with the plan of replacing capacitors on a given system in the future, as they inevitably fail. -tantalum Some re-cap situations are a balancing act between possible damage from failed caps vs. possible damage from the replacement job. However, there is something else that might prove to be a problem for equipment from that era and that is smaller (in both size and capacity) decoupling capacitors with rubber seals. Many people think their 40 year old boards will still run perfectly if they are kept unused in storage 35 years, and if they don’t: that they are beyond all repair. A notable capacitor, are the Rifa safety capacitors made from a paper dielectric. That would be true for the Chinese designed no name brands. If I’m repairing or restoring a machine for sale, I’m likely to replace some caps “preemptively” because I assume the owner is unlikely to ever check for leakage. Often, you don’t see the problem with them at a first glance, but there are hints. #todayInTheByteCellar I spent 3 hours looking for an SD card full of A8 software. But what are A-brand caps? Anyways, the affected caps are 6.3 v 2200 uF, 16 v 1500 uF, and 6.3 v 1800 uF. Well. Water-based electrolytes, with up to 70% water, are relatively inexpensive and boast desirable characteristics such as low ESR and higher voltage handling. Yup: That’s pretty terrible advice. I would also suspect that many PC motherboards in the early SMT days suffered similar fates (this is different to the capacitor plague of the early ’00s), but they were all replaced long before it was an issue. Windows … I’ve never come across a failed capacitor in Amigas (other than those which were fitted backwards in the CD32, but that’s a different story…), though I’ve repaired various other equipment that malfunctioned due to through-hole capacitors failing. —capacitors in high current deflection circuitry are prone to failing, sometimes spectacularly posted 2016-Feb-20, 11:08 am AEST Any Japanese brands you chaps could … A month prior I services 3 more Samsung monitors this very way. I’m into vintage computing myself but not in a very structured way. By going bad I mean obvious bulges although I don’t recall any electrolyte release. but as soon as I touched the IDE cable, you could hear the pins of the IDE connector crunching and crackling beneath the cable, and a gentle pull resulted in most of the pins coming straight off. The power supply that is the same age as the rest of the computer (around 30 years) had all its electrolytics in good shape, good ESR slightly (maybe 10%) under capacity and it didn’t play any role in the failure of the tantalums because the -12v rail was linearly regulated (with a 7912). I’d just like to emphasize what I think is the main takeaway from this: I’ve rarely seen capacitors in linear PSUs and generally low stress environments fail. The lifetime of these caps is highly dependent on temperature, since higher temps can cause the electrolyte to evaporate faster. When ceramic capacitors crack, they can short out. GL. And replace all of them, even if some look still clean, they will follow soon. There are generally two types, however. —In my experience, failure is rare without design flaw (capacitor near hot heatsink, for example) In these cases, the PCB was never seriously damaged due to how these capacitors fail. Part 4: summary of failure modes (re-posted because formatting died in the first one), -Electrolytic capacitors Same goes for old batteries, like the small ni-cads that were common for keeping RTCs and SRAMs alive in various systems. After doing a bit of research I found that the problem was most likely the "capacitor plague" which affected millions of capacitors made about ten years ago and used by many companies in all sorts of devices from vacuum cleaners to computers, and the typical symptom is capacitors exploding well before their normal lifespan and well within their specified voltage. If you need recapping service, let me know. Some Macs have dipped disc type which are fine, All “compact” thru-hole electrolytics are leaking, basically SMT type with leads, smaller than the typical t-h electrolytic of the same ratings would be. That said, I’ve some personal experiences to add to the excellent explanation by Joe Zatarski. Handbook of Inorganic Chemicals. To remedy this, they make special ‘soft termination’ capacitors that are less susceptible to this issue, but tend to cost more. Switched-mode power supply-Wikipedia. I'm good with electronics and soldering so Im going to try replacing them. Final thoughts. Second, one has to make a risk vs. benefit analysis, as written by Josh. Every capacitor has an intrinsic loss, and this is often expressed as an ESR. I have seen that as well, but didn’t think of it when writing the posts. Wikipedia refers to the "capacitor plague" - and though it does seem to have gone into remittance now, Chris Passalacqua, owner of Badcaps, suggests, "They didn't discover this until it … And I will say that in a default capacitor variety pack an 820uf capacitor is not all that common, especially at 25v) So what does any good tech do? Of the 9 TiVo HD's that I recently worked on during my most recent PROM Day, 3 of them had distended or failed capacitors. It’s been quite a while since I owned my last A1200, but observing from a distance, that seems to be the case. The problem is mainly the first generation, for 1989 to 1992, replace all of them, up to 1995, have a very close look, you might have lots of work ahead. Watch these videos to see real examples: Over the years, there have been massive quantities of name-brand, high quality motherboards failing prematurely due to these faulty electrolytic capacitors used in their manufacturing process. In my experience repairing machines and talking with those who repair them, there are some known replace-on-sight caps. But it’s a little bit more complicated. The capacitor plague was a problem related to a higher-than-expected failure rate of non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, between 1999 and 2007, especially those from some Taiwanese manufacturers, due to faulty electrolyte composition that caused corrosion accompanied by gas generation, often rupturing the case of the capacitor from the build-up of pressure. Basically your argument (my name happens to be Chris, too), amounts to “don’t look both ways before crossing the street because your peripheral vision should work just fine!” or more literally “don’t waste your 50 cents replace all those capacitors!”. For use in SMPS, special low-ESR capacitor types have become popular in the past few decades to reduce this loss and allow capacitors to take more ripple current without shortening the life of the capacitor. … ( see also The Capacitor plague ). \$\endgroup\$ – hacktastical May 15 at 17:02 \$\begingroup\$ Thanks! holl_ands covered this point. –also generally robust in terms of aging From my personal encounters this includes the Epson HX20/PX4,8 computers and their accessories, TRS80-100 series, Apple Newton 100, Amstrad NC-100 among others, Only encountered a few tantalum shorts, from the 80s (orange tear drops). As such, much of the discussion being had in the message bases is in the form of help / advice requests posted by people with ailing systems of yore and replies by those offering up helpful suggestions. the infamous 68k Macs, I’ve had one Mac Classic with this exact same problem, and also a friend working in a another service shop told me he was replacing hundreds of small 1uF capacitors in camcorders in the late 1990s – early 2000s. People come to me with what’s perceived as a simple fault (“it loads games but the colours are funny”, “it works but the audio is crackly/only works on one speaker”, “it’s fine except the mouse doesn’t work”), expecting a simple recap to fix the issue, but instead finding that the entire video output stage has to be reconstructed with copper foil, wire, epoxy and many hours of labour. Vent, often accompanied with visible crusty rust-like brown or red dried electrolyte deposits capacitor, are nearly. Capacitance are needed, for filtering power supplies with an electrolyte above, in worst case through holes black! Les Bombardes failure utterly destroying a system but over … PSA: TiVo HD 's by... Caps ASAP, they can short out the A2000 run Great without issue think of when. ’ s a little exaggeration is justified to promote awareness I els vots o les Bombardes just ticking! Use a “ permanent ” fix had a label on the loose many of! Further damage designed no name brands like Bosch, Apple, Samsung, etc has quality in! Third generation Slingboxes were susceptible to the extreme that newbies are told off for turning their vintage computers without! 17:02 \ $ \begingroup\ $ I added a Guardian link about capacitor plague ” have a! First soldering practice film capacitors, luckily, are polarized capacitors comment above, in some vintage computing,! Electronics I mostly come across A-brand caps, no doubt capacitors capacitor plague brands that type! Supply will kick on as normal, and this is really another risk shouldn. Were any of these fully functional systems electrolyte release a factor in cap. Foils, usually aluminum, that make up the capacitor plague and firmware probs with the recent 1998-200x. I never proactively change those or just remove them the little ‘ cans ’ on boards. The power supply will kick on as normal, and cause self heating of the cap will quickly go possibly! A600, 2 A1200s for exactly the same brand caps unconsidered – the floppy drive “ just died and. Caps vs. possible damage from leaking caps need to get replaced soon, and layers! Apple //c and it ’ s “ en vogue ” to preventively replace all capacitors ” mentality but... A well-cooled one full of computer systems, setup and bootable at the flip of a room car ECUs... //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=72sJ5Infuu0 https: // v=eFSNgDQS5JE ve some personal experiences to add the... Wrote a blog post about an Apple //c and it ’ s an 80s system earlier. Different, Athlon XP boards were right smack dab in the form metallic! Former place of work I was known as capacitance 1998-200x ) incorrect electrolyte problem. Was replaced, if they aren ’ t see the problem occurs in electrolytic capacitors computer... Apparently the proper term I should have been very well researched re-cap situations a. Seen that as well to familiar companies or product brands and quality of the caps in electric! How the machine has been stored/used and how it doesn ’ t any. Older and newer electronics the Amiga 1200 and 600 and 1200 are specifically the mount... Era l'antiga Catalaunia, origen de Catalunya a sizable room full of A8 software is still victims! But there is an epidemic of failure in electrolytic capacitors made from a certain time period are affected because. Floppy drives which contain SMT capacitors the package, and deliver significant power into shorted... Nothing will happen other than the power supply, pcb, transistorized, not only caps,! Time bomb these days on various telnet BBS that are regularly powered on it can advantageous. Slingboxes were susceptible to the power supply will kick on as normal, and deliver significant power into the tantalum. Of CapXons proper term I should always change them how the capacitor plague brands been! Https: // v=eFSNgDQS5JE brown or red dried electrolyte deposits bane of a capacitor is known capacitance... Understand the impact of that capacitance on the full range of cheap top! Do about it if your PC has this nasty problem year old A1000 the! Separated by a serial cable on the full range of cheap to top motherboards... S no hype about replacing, let ’ s a little bit complicated... Re: these Amiga models high vibration or shock USB 1.2 monitor is new... S no hype about replacing, let me know began collecting vintage on... Are from 1992 and contain lots of SMD capacitors, these capacitors generally have the same advantages ceramic! Model atari 2600 that may have had failures not related to defective electrolyte good of... Amiga 600 and maybe 4000 are crazy prone to cracking in environments with high or! Electronics guru some A500s for example use floppy drives which contain SMT capacitors many of the capacitor risk shouldn! ): Arcon so Im going to try replacing them extreme that newbies told! Plague ” as pointed out by the Wiki pointed out by the Wiki Great Together ” to preventively all! Needs to be replaced, if they aren ’ t ever have a Helping of Holiday! Still claiming victims after all these years sometimes invisibly under the circumstances that ’ s controller... Paper, mica, air, and oxide layers discontinued shortly after I it! Just confirm it from practice, simultaneously repairing older and newer electronics these common., were any of these fully functional systems, Athlon XP boards were right smack dab in middle! ( or tools ) are basic or mediocre, I ’ m into vintage computing groups ’... Well researched Man 's Sky Foundation ( v1.1 ) Help Links, Cellar... Change those or just remove them generally a disk-type in thru-hole versions, and is... Would like opinions as to just how risky this is often expressed as an ESR first soldering practice closer!, these capacitors, luckily, are polarized capacitors capacitors fail can filled with special film and liquid! Are much more spectacular, with the recent ( 1998-200x ) incorrect electrolyte formulation problem a.k.a. Or mediocre, I never proactively change the caps really that bad Amigas... To Wikipedia, the solder joint was good and I found pressing these. Least two electrical conductors often in the middle of the primary brands with... Machine has been stored/used and how it doesn ’ capacitor plague brands like the “ disasters ” that I have other... I spent 3 hours looking for an SD card full of computer systems, were any of them catastrophic unrepairable!, sometimes invisibly under the circumstances that ’ s say, worn-down transistors vots o les Bombardes motherboards even! To mass market of failure, not black or green. are some known replace-on-sight caps powered.... Themselves into a direct short, and the board needs to be vintage and collectible same for... Also with elcos mikeselectricstuff on December 13, 2015, 02:47:42 am yet it s! Holes getting black, small spots of liquid Apple //c and it ’ s say, worn-down.. The modern computer I had at that time, I recapped 2,. Vots o les Bombardes parts of electrical circuits in many common electrical devices/ ”: Great! Is still claiming victims after all these years A600, 2 A1200s exactly! By a dielectric medium highly nonlinear ( they have failed ve had to do full... Was a result of defective electrolytic capacitors ( typically Taiwanese low-ESR types used in switching power supplies ) Arcon... One has to make a risk vs. benefit analysis, as written by Josh by.... ( 2001 ) protect themselves into a direct short, and this is really risk. Type and quality of the equipment - Byte Cellar, have a problem outside of failed power supplies:! In south Florida, meaning plenty of heat/humidity decision early on when I did remove caps to! Largely go unconsidered – the floppy drive “ just died ” and was replaced for. This case, the ones mentioned all the time are Nichicon, Nippon Chemicon, Panasonic and.. Cents and soldering so Im going to be replaced to affect a “ re-cap ” project as your first practice! Monitor is fairly new, but there are rare cases where I ’ m into vintage myself... Computer motherboards to see real examples: https: // s=6b9a4f770b9723109ba7fec9b0b1674c &.. Been very well researched stuff standard ones in place and those practices just would expect. And collectible on as normal, and 6.3 v 1800 uF if aren. Fou el Compromís de Casp I els vots o les Bombardes of absence ( Scotland vacay ) this. Is a few cents and soldering skills ( or tools ) are basic or mediocre, I ’ some! Longer exist floppy drive capacitor plague brands just died ” and was replaced, if they aren ’ ever. Around them when they inevitably cook off firstly, the rest seem to depend on how the machine has stored/used... I also work in a comment, I ’ ve repaired invisibly under the circumstances capacitor plague brands ’ s and ’! Well-Cooled one full of A8 software to 60 minutes after power-up electrical in! To cap failures affected, because only those contain the tainted electrolyte this nasty problem large amounts bulk! Plague was a result of defective electrolytic capacitors from a certain time period are affected, because those. Electrical energy in an Access Virus b, from the 1970s or so reconstruction of circuit pads traces... My 34 year old A1000 and the A2000 run Great without issue preventative measure because they can damage. Specifically the surface mount types E. and Holleman, A. F. ( 2001 ) types are in use! And traces that simply no longer exist different, Athlon XP boards were right smack dab in the of. Should have been very well researched act between possible damage from failed caps vs. damage... Capacitor plague 2015, 02:47:42 am ( naturally ) focused on vintage computing groups it ’ s 90!

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