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Fearing death holds us within the biblical understanding of spiritual impurity; embracing the holiness in death opens us to awe-filled experience. . Why would the Magi have wanted to worship the king of the Jews? Wonderful explanation i.e. Imagine the burden that was on his shoulder – in fact, he was held the highest level of accountability. Aaron should not have concluded that he was less deserving of some punishment than Miriam for the same revolt, even if not the same punishment. (Numbers 26:59) Her baby brother would later be named Moses. ( Log Out /  One additional possibility to consider is that God spared Aaron specifically so that he could intercede as Israel’s high priest, approaching Moses with a renewed recognition of him as God’s representative, to ask forgiveness for Miriam’s sin and for his own:  “Please, my lord, I ask you not to hold against us the sin we have so foolishly committed.”  If Aaron had been struck with leprosy, he would not have been able to function as a priest according to the laws in Leviticus. Miriam saves her brother Moses. This is a warning to people in vital offices:  You may be spared immediate personal judgment not because you are entirely innocent, but because God still needs someone in your role and you’re not bad enough yet to be removed from it! ” is also a proclamation of faith in the triumph of life over death, that the day will come when physical and spiritual will renew their vows, and love, live, and learn in this garden of delights once again. Miriam is the elder sister of Aaron and Moses. Miriam Facts for 9-13 Year Olds. Thanks for the answer. Miriam, the daughter of Amram and Jochebed and the older sister of Aaron and Moses, is one of the few women that the Bible calls prophetess.Her mother gave birth to Moses after Pharaoh had given orders to kill every newborn Israelite boy. Thank you and thanks Holy Spirit. She has neither husband nor children. on the bodice of a wedding gown, . and then my black metal garbage can Leaders today who “think they are standing firm” should “be careful that they don’t fall.”, The Rev. Thank you for subscribing to emails from ReformJudaism.org! Even after his last prayer to God was denied, he did not stop: Moses now raised up his voice in weeping, and said, “To whom shall I go that will now implore mercy for me?” . and garbage, 2 The woman conceived and bore a son; and when she saw that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months. Jochebed asked Miriam to watch over Moses who was placed among the bulrushes on the banks of the Nile to hide him from Pharaoh. We see that God’s very judgments are tempered with mercy, even if this sometimes makes them seem unfair. Miriam was the daughter of Amram, the leader of the Israelites in ancient Egypt, and of Jochebed and the sister of Aaron and Moses. Immediately after Miriam’s death, the Israelites quarrel with her brothers Moses and Aaron for lack of water. Miriam in the Bible may best be known as the big sister who helped save her baby brother from certain death. This was in the year 2362 (after Creation), eighty-six years before the liberation. Let your hand fall on me and my family.”  But instead of afflicting David directly at that point, God in mercy ended the plague entirely. Miriam and Moses sing a victory song. Miriam in the Bible - Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Yahweh means 'the self-existent one'. Her name (sometimes rendered as Mary in English) means 'bitter' although it could also signify 'one who loves or is loved by Yahweh'. When her mother puts Moses in a basket and places it among the reeds of the Nile, Miiram watches from a distance. Death flows like a stream throughout Parashat Chukat —from the laws about repurification after contact with a corpse, to the death of Moses’s sister Miriam, to the death of his brother, Aaron. Thanks for sharing this! Lastly: Because Aaron wasn’t physically punished doesn’t mean that he didn’t suffer the consequences. You may want to look for further items of interest by using the resources below: the search bar; the lists of posts; and the list of categories. from Harvard in English and American Literature and Language, a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Gordon-Conwell, and a Ph.D. in the History of Christian Life and Thought, with a minor concentration in Bible, from Boston College, in the joint program with Andover Newton Theological School. Sparing the high priest so he could intercede for sin is a bit like the way God spared King David from direct personal punishment after he sinned by taking a census of his fighting men. like Austrian crystals God in turn decrees, “Because you did not trust Me enough to affirm My sanctity in the sight of the Israelite people, therefore you shall not lead this congregation into the land . One might conclude that the community’s resistance to properly mourning leads to a chain of anger and pain extending all the way to heaven. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. . Miriam is the sister who watches over her baby brother Moses among the bulrushes on the banks of the Nile. I hope you’ve found what you were looking for. Why didn't God give Esau back the blessing that Jacob stole? Standing on the banks of the Nile river, Miriam watched as her baby brother, Moses, lay hidden among the reeds. By linking the phrase, “Miriam died there . When David saw the plague that was striking down the people, he recognized his own responsibility and prayed, “I have sinned; I, the shepherd, have done wrong. Will need to pray, the old testament is holy but yet challenging. The Biblical female name Miriam is of Hebrew origin and is considered to be an older version of the name Mary. Even Moses, our greatest prophet, who knew God face-to-face, raged against the dying of the light. Dr. Christopher R. Smith is an an ordained minister, a writer, and a biblical scholar. .” (Numbers 20:1) with “The community was without water . The historian Josephus deems Hur the husband of Miriam (Antiquities 3.54; see Exod 17:10–12). The main explanation seems to be that Miriam was held more responsible because she instigated the challenge in the first place and then enlisted Aaron to support her. There are two things in the text that show us this: ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. According to the Hebrew Bible, Miriam was the older sister of Moses and Aaron. She is the only daughter of Amram and Jochebed. Miriam’s childhood in the slave quarters of Egypt was one of fear and uncertainty. thousands and thousands of tissues, Perhaps by then the Israelites have learned something. Change ). “The Leprosy of Miriam,” woodcut from 1583 Bible. The punishment of Miriam continued to be a warning in Israel that they should not rebel against the Lord’s chosen ones. Miriam as a Child Miriam first appears in the biblical book of Exodus not long after Pharaoh decrees that all newborn Hebrew boys will be drowned in the Nile river. Jewish traditions, however, cannot tolerate her status as single. Exodus 15:20 | View whole chapter | See verse in context And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances. The Death of Miriam, the Death of Aaron, the Death of Moses, the Death of Me Death flows like a stream throughout Parashat Chukat —from the laws about repurification after contact with a corpse, to the death of Moses’s sister Miriam, to the death of his brother, Aaron. .” (Numbers 20:2), Rabbinic imagination ties the community’s apparent apathy to Miriam’s death, equating grief with thirst, comfort with water. Exodus 2:1-10. to sweep me away. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Some can find no outlet for their grief and, like Moses and Aaron, strike out against the rock, their foundation, filling themselves up with their own power rather than facing their own smallness in the face of great loss. Bible Dictionaries - Smith's Bible Dictionary - Miriam Miriam [N] [E] [H] ( rebellion ), the sister of Moses, was the eldest of that sacred family; and she first appears, probably as a young girl, watching her infant brothers cradle in the Nile, ( Exodus 2:4 ) and suggesting her mother as a nurse. As a hospice chaplain, I see over and over again how the fear of contact with physical remains can transform into a personal experience of awe. Well, I quickly searched online, and from the myriad of results I picked yours and it completely answered my question. When Aaron and Miriam rebelled against Moses, why was only Miriam punished with leprosy? How long did the baby Jesus stay in the manger in the stable? Answer: Miriam in the Bible is Moses’ older sister. along with whatever There are over 400 other posts here, on a wide range of biblical topics. Aaron, the baby’s older brother, was about three at … Daughter of Amram and his wife Jochebed, both of the tribe of Levi; sister of Moses and Aaron. She was Miriam, the oldest offspring of Amram and Jochebed, Hebrew slaves in the land of Egypt. This shows us the fairness of divine justice. He became responsible to mend the bridge between Moses, himself and Miriam, and to pray for redemption for both Miriam and himself. Categories: Moses, Women in the Bible Miriam is the elder sister of Aaron and Moses. She died in the wilderness of Zin at Kadesh and was buried there. The Death of Miriam, the Death of Aaron, the Death of Moses, the Death of Me, Experiencing Torah Through Reckless Abandon in the Wilderness, Grappling with Death and the Need to Mourn, On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah - Chukat: When to Ask Why, Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA). Miriam (Hebrew: מִרְיָם ‎, Modern: Miryam, Tiberian: Miryām) is a feminine given name recorded in Biblical Hebrew, recorded in the Book of Exodus as the name of the sister of Moses, the prophetess Miriam.. Spelling variants include French Myriam, German Mirjam, Mirijam; hypocoristic forms include Mira, Miri and Mimi (commonly given in Israel). with his silver shovel, If Miriam is the unnamed sister of chapter two (2:4, 7) she frames not only the narratives of Moses but also the entire exodus narrative. Unlike most women in the Bible, Miriam is never called wife or mother. His sister Miriam should have known that as well. Miriam, the daughter of Amram and Yocheved, and older sister of her two famous brothers, Aaron and Moses, was born in Egypt just when the Jewish people were reduced to slavery, oppression and hard labor. rolling lightly like tumbleweeds How long did the baby Jesus stay in the manger in the stable? toward heaven. Q. (Clicking on a category will display all of the posts it, in a continuous scroll with the most recent at the top.). Miriam, the Jealous Sister The Bible doesn’t portray its heroes and heroines as paragons of virtue. 1. Perhaps you were brought here by a search engine or by a link to one of the posts. Aaron was dressed up with the dress that he should dress while he is presenting himself in front of God, hence God spared him from punishment. (The other Prophetess’ are: Sarah, Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, and Esther and Huldah). She plays an important role in several episodes of Moses’ life and in the exodus of Israel from Egypt. Why do people use flashing lights in their Christmas decorations? Our religion is so doggedly life-affirming and life is so beautiful that we loathe relinquishing it. Who was Miriam in the Bible? Both of these things suggest, as I said, that Miriam originated the challenge and enlisted Aaron to support her, so she is held more responsible and given a greater punishment. Chapter 20 - Death of Miriam. Miriam (מִרְיָם Mir-yām) was born in 1576 B.C. In every other place in the Bible where they are named together, including later in the same account, Aaron is mentioned first (conventionally, as the eldest brother in the family). the glowing ashes from the altar that receives offerings daily. Yet, connecting the two passages mentioned by Rabbi Klein (repurification after contact with a corpse and Miriam’s death) offers us a different juxtaposition of fear and prohibition: “Just as the ashes of the red heifer atone for sin, the death of a righteous person does the same” (Babylonian Talmud, Mo-eid Katan 28a). People cope with grief in many different ways. I do not fantasize about the glorious, • Miriam is named before Aaron at the start of the account. receives those holy tears am) [possibly, Rebellious]. When we are focused on serving God, we can rest assured that He has our backs. Why was only Miriam punished with leprosy when she and Aaron rebelled against Moses? Yahweh is one of the ways the children of Israel referred to God. She was described as a prophetess, and, in fact, is one of the seven major female prophets in the Bible. Exodus 15:20 Exodus 15:20 And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a tambourine in her hand; and all the women went out after her with tambourines and with dances. Miriam is no exception. Miriam, the elder sister of Moses who was now about 95 years old, rejoiced in the demise of the Egyptian army and the saving of God’s people. What happens to people who never hear about Jesus? (Nu 26:59; 1Ch 6:1-3) Though not specifically named in the account, she was undoubtedly the one termed “his sister” who watched to see what would become of the infant Moses as he lay in an ark placed among the reeds of the river Nile. Some need to “move on” as quickly as possible, turning with intensity of purpose to whatever task readily presents, getting back to school or the office. Why do Matthew and Luke seem to disagree about the circumstances of Jesus’ birth? into a soft cottony sleigh, What have they done? On the surface, they seem to take little or no time to grieve. You can also read or download the study guides in my Understanding the Books of the Bible series by using the Free Study Guides link at the top of this page. I am still sorting it out in my head and heart. Daughter to Amram and Jochebe, and sister to Moses and Aaron, we first meet Miriam as a young girl who watches her baby brother being placed in … I feel so bless to have read Numbers and found this GOLDEN NUGGET in God’s word. What is the “hostility” that God put between the woman and the serpent? envelopes and crumbs The main explanation seems to be that Miriam was held more responsible because she instigated the challenge in the first place and then enlisted Aaron to support her. Why wasn’t Aaron punished for making the golden calf? His Understanding the Books of the Bible study guide series is keyed to this format. It was here that Miriam died, and here that she was buried. The Israelites, the whole community, arrived in the wilderness of Zin in the first month, and the people stayed at Kadesh. The Hebrew word for “fear”— yirah —also means “awe,” evoking the awareness that death is both fearful and awesome. Stay blessed. Need for Water at Kadesh. The death of Miriam is recorded. 494–496). When Aaron and Miriam rebelled against Moses, why was only Miriam punished with leprosy? . a million butterfly wings, Wasn’t the Messiah supposed to be named Emmanuel? Miriam is referenced in the Old Testament of the Bible as a prophetess and originally emerges in the Book of Exodus. While Miriam was looking after Moses, the daughter of Pharaoh came to the river to bathe and she saw Moses and had compassion on him. 1 Now a man from the house of Levi went and took to wife a daughter of Levi. . Throughout this essay we will gain a recognition of Miriam's qualities and the effect she had on the destiny of the Jewish nation. amidst the scattered reeds to their final resting place. How old was Joseph when he married and when he died? Members of the chevrah kadisha (literally, “holy society”), who are responsible for preparing the body for burial, recite prayers during their work that remind us of the body's former splendor, as the vessel for the soul: “His hands are like rods of gold set with emeralds, his belly is polished ivory, overlaid with sapphires” (Song of Songs 5:14). Why is it so difficult to reconcile the mind and heart regarding faith in Jesus Christ? Although Miriam is named a prophet, nowhere in Scripture does she function in the traditional prophetic role of speaking forth the word of God. Thank you for visiting my blog Good Question. He was also a consultant to Tyndale House for the Immerse Bible, an edition of the New Living Translation (NLT) that similarly presents the Scriptures in their natural literary forms, without chapters and verses or section headings. fiery chariot that scooped Elijah to God’s throne. If Jesus gave up his divine attributes to become incarnate, how was he able to do miracles? that has been wept upon in my office, Then a voice sounded from heaven and said, “Why Moses, dost thou strive in vain? May the grace of God be multiplied unto you in an ever increasing measure for more illuminations and revelations. Although the Bible shows Miriam did not hold a position equal to that of Moses, she seems to have been viewed as a near equal to Aaron in importance. (It’s Moses who actually prays for Miriam’s healing). It always fascinated me that the prophet to whom all rewards of the afterlife had been revealed would still weep over the end of his life. accompany them, . So God may have spared him in mercy specifically so that he could intercede for sin in this way as a priest. Why were some books removed from the Bible and is it a sin to read them? there is a miniature altar to assemble themselves, This is a deed of goodness that cannot be returned by the recipient. Print, cut out, fold in half, and save the card. Miriam prudently asked her if she would like a Hebrew woman to nurse th… • The verb “speak against” is actually in the feminine singular in Hebrew:  “She spoke, Miriam, and Aaron, against Moses . Exodus 15:21 | View whole chapter | See verse in context And Miriam answered them, Sing ye to the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea. A remnant of the song composed by Miriam appears in the Bible: Then, as now, warriors were honoured when they returned from battle, greeted with an acknowledgment of their courage and self-sacrifice ‘Then the prophet Miriam, Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine in her hand; and all the women went out after her with tambourines and with dancing. As we approach their lifeless body, fear seizes us; how can we embrace the holiness in this transition? Others respond in anger, lashing out at those who remain alive. – Good Question, Numbers 10 – 12: The Israelites (Finally) Start Across the Desert, and Also Start Kvetching Again – Penny Reads the Bible, ဘုရားသခင်၊ ကရုဏာတော်နှင့် တရားမျှတမှု - λόγος. Miriam answered them, "Sing to the LORD, for He is highly exalted; The horse and his rider He has hurled into the sea." 1,022-1,042 Download this Bible character card and learn about Miriam, the older sister of Moses and Aaron. When loved ones die, we may be called upon to identify their physical remains. Remember? Aaron was more of a follower – that was his weakness. to be caught in a fragrant updraft (Part 1). Miriam was the big sister of Moses. There is also a very similar Egyptian name, based on the word myr, meaning beloved or mr meaning love. Miriam the prophetess, Aaron's sister, took the timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dancing. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These are but sheep. Exodus 15:1-21. Miriam’s death occurring at Kadesh (the place of holiness) hints at a momentary convergence between impurity and sacredness. Punishment isn’t always what we can see. She is called “Miriam the prophetess” in Exodus 15:20. Why wasn’t Aaron punished for making the golden calf? Learn how your comment data is processed. . How was Jesus from the line of King David if his real father was not Joseph? .” For the king had ordered to throw all Hebrew baby boys into the river (Exodus 1:22—2:4). Where did John the Baptist get the idea of water baptism, and why was Jesus baptized? This passage reveals that and confirms and validates Matt: 6:33. Why did God reject Saul as king for making one small mistake? 915–936. God knows every-man’s heart. Thank you so much. ver. Often, the reader sees the good in the heroes as well as the bad. 1,145-1,164; Revised Edition, pp. . I want every tissue The Bible paints people just as they are--even if that sheds a negative light on them. Some commentators relate the lack of water to a magical well that had followed Miriam around throughout her life, drying up with her death. each tear still dewy and sparkly, Being a rabbi in many ways is lifelong exposure therapy to death and mourning, and with all of my belief in God and the soul’s immortality, when I despair I remember Moses—I remember that faith does not necessarily eradicate fear. When Aaron dies at the end of the chapter, the community bewails him thirty days. Thanks for this info, I knew about the latter possible reason, but not the former. and the custodian at the end of the day, Although her jealously later in life led to disaster, Miriam's quick wit as a young girl helped change the course of Israel's history by protecting its greatest spiritual leader. When that was refused, he begged to be able to live, even on the other side of the Jordan, and he did not desist from begging for his life, even if he were to live not as a man at all, but as a bird. Our Torah portion softly asks us to confront our own feelings about mortality, and to find ways to comfort ourselves and quench our thirst, that the eventual Sabbath of our life be sacred and not fill us with dread. He was a consulting editor to the International Bible Society (now Biblica) for The Books of the Bible, an edition of the New International Version (NIV) that presents the biblical books according to their natural literary outlines, without chapters and verses. Dear brothers and sisters Thou hast but one half-hour more of life in the world.” Moses, to whom God had now shown the reward of the pious in the future world, and the gates of salvation and of consolation that He would hereafter open to Israel, now said: “Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee, a people saved by the Lord!” He then bade farewell to the people, weeping aloud. She is the only daughter of her family. Was Jesus the “angel of the Lord” who appeared to the shepherds? takes the bagful of little white ghosts Since the community had no water, they held an assembly against Moses and Aaron. To consider what we fear as forbidden relieves us of the burden of avoidance. to misting eyes, She saw as Pharaoh's daughter's took pity on him. She and her three-year-old brother, Aaron, had godly parents who trusted the God of Israel—but the king of Egypt hated her people. She composed a song of victory to God in celebration. This is a good thing lest we feel we could never measure up to the Bible characters. Aaron was anointed to back MOISE one of the purpose of anointing is to protect even an object like the arch of the covenant become holy it is writing touch not my anointing do my prophets no harm…..king saul in his backlide state david refuses to hurt him because he is still God anointed. Honoring the physical remains of those who have passed on can inspire us to live righteously ourselves, so that like Miriam, our own death might bring t’shuvah and healing to our world. They resemble the Israelites who, having lost their “mother,” rail against their “father” and his shortcomings for not quenching them. The Bible account does not name the child, but there can be little doubt as to her identity. We are first introduced to Miriam, though not by name, in Exodus 2. ( Log Out /  What does it mean to say that Jesus is the Messiah? I’m very glad to hear it. When I dream of my death God may have spared David because the people still needed a king to rule their nation and lead their armies. Are we saved simply by believing, or are there works we need to demonstrate? Such is the case here with Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. According to midrash, in his last hours of life, Moses prayed for the opportunity to enter the Land of Israel. and is the daughter of Amram and Jochebed, and the sister of Moses and Aaron. Miriam was the first woman in the Bible to be given the title prophetess. The Bible first mentions how Miriam saved Moses from Pharaoh’s deathdecree. He was active in parish and student ministry for twenty-five years. He said: “Dwell in peace, I shall see ye again at the Resurrection.…” (Louis Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews [New York: Simon and Schuster, 1956], pp. What did Jesus mean by "night is coming, when no one can work"? The first we see of Miriam is in her role as a protective sister. The Torah: A Modern Commentary, pp. ( Log Out /  Miriam (מִרְיָם‎ Mīrəyām) was described in the Hebrew Bible as the daughter of Amram and Jochebed, and the older sister of Moses and Aaron. Is Jesus equal to the other two persons of the Trinity? I am extremely grateful. She was also a prophetess in her own right. Be humble mind your own business, don’t blame. Moses recalled the punishment of Miriam to the people in his address to Israel just before his own death (Deut 24:9). On the outskirts of some landfill, The Torah: A Women's Commentary, pp. He has a B.A. This was really helpful. The foundation of this mitzvah, known as chesed shel emet , “a deed of mercy and truth,” is paraphrased from Genesis 47:29, where Jacob asks Joseph not to bury him in Egypt, saying, “Treat me with faithful kindness” ( v’asita imadi chesed ve-emet ). It surrenders half an inch a day .” (Numbers 20:12). Miriam is most well-known to us as Moses's big sister. and mascara streaks, Aaron not afflicted with leprosy.

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